Metal Band eminence NECTURA was spawned in Bandung, around 2011.  NECTURA joined the OFFTHE RECORDS, releasing debut album AWAKE TO DECIDE.  The band’s unique blend of melodic metal developed at a staggering rate, most notably on Zoteng he is the guitarist from Forgotten  being producer of making album “Awake to decide”. The first NECTURA founding member Owang (voc), Hinhin Akew (Guitars) and Pane (Bass) They released 2 singles Threat Minority and Crossing Coward, with Soni Refaly assisted as an additional drummer.  NECTURA was joined by drummer extraordinaire Soni Refaly and than released “Awake to Decide”.  Abo (guitar) was joined in the midle of 2013. he was contributing the greatest songs “Bless Nectura” with Hinhin Akew.